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Our Story

Wild Tree Naturals products are made in small batches, by hand. Our recipes come from research, experience and creative spirit! We are able to create custom blends of any product that we make; either for those with sensitive skin or just because you enjoy a certain scent. We are truly a micro-company that still has the customer in mind!

Lisa began her journey into the art of handcrafted soap in early 2001, after 8 months of travel throughout Europe, the UK and Australia. The soap makers in Europe are amazing and they inspired her creative soul. We use a cold-process method to make our soap, which creates a soothing and nourishing bar. Our long hours of research and testing have produced a line that is good for you and the earth, and that makes you feel pampered...something we all need once in a while!

Enjoy all of our products including Bath Salts, Bath Tea, Shea Body Butter, and of course our amazing Natural Soaps!