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Our Philosophy

our Footprint

At Wild Tree Naturals, we care very much about the earth and our future.

One of the ways we do that is reducing our carbon footprint in every aspect of our daily lives, and our business philosophy reflects that.

From purchasing wind energy credits to offset our energy usage to our hybrid vehicle fleet, we are always working to find any and all ways to provide the finest possible product while limiting our impact on the planet.

Plant Based

We believe in the power of Mother Nature to revive, refresh, and restore the mind and body.

We do not use petroleum-based perfumes or fragrance oils in our products, instead we only use pure essential oils to scent and provide nourishment for your body.

We realize that using 100% pure essentials oils costs more, makes our work more complex and limits our product line (most floral scents, for example, are available only through chemically-sourced fragrance oils), but we believe in providing only the best and finest products to you, the customer.

Buy 3,
Plant a Tree!

We are proud to partner with "Plant-It-2020" to help reforest areas in Colorado that have been affected by fires, flood, beetle kill, or similar causes.

When a purchase of 3 or more bars of Wild Tree Naturals hand crafted soap is made at full price, we donate to Plant-It-2020 to plant a tree.