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What preservatives, if any, are used in your products?

  • We do not use any preservatives other than those that naturally occur in the products.

Do you have any fruity scents?

  • No, fruity scents such as watermelon or strawberry are actually made with synthetic fragrance oils. We have chosen to use only beneficial pure essential oils in our products.

What is the difference between an essential oil and fragrance oil?

  • Essential oils are extracted from plants and bring many of the beneficial compounds that the plant uses to live and fight disease, with them. Fragrance oils are synthetic (man-made, generally petroleum-based) and bring no beneficial properties with them and can occasionally be harmful.

How do you use the bath tea?

  • The bath tea is actually used in a similar style as you would steep drinking tea. It is best to place the entire muslin bag filled with tea directly into the bath water. You can take the tea out of the muslin bag if you like, however you will have a bit of a mess to clean up when you are done. Let the tea bag steep in the bath water for a few minutes before you enjoy your bath. Your body will absorb the beneficial properties of the various herbs through the skin. The tea bag can be dried and used again. DO NOT DRINK THE TEA! We design our bath teas for your soaking enjoyment, not for consumption.

What is Shea Butter?

  • Shea butter is a body butter from the African Karite Tree. It can be used like a lotion or cream and is beneficial for extremely dry skin. Shea butter has also been known to help arthritis, skin rashes and sun burns to heal more quickly.

How do you make your soap? Can you make soap without lye? Why is lye not listed on your ingredient list?

  • All soap is made with lye or some other similar base compound. You CANNOT make soap without lye. The reason that lye is not listed in the ingredients is that it no longer has lye in it once it becomes soap. Basically soap is made by mixing fats (acid) with lye (base). When this is done in the correct temperatures and measurements, it causes a chemical reaction that eventually becomes soap. Lye was originally formed when water leached it from the ashes of an old fire, these days it is often made from a form of salt. Lye is very caustic and can burn your skin when not handled properly. DO NOT attempt to make your own soap unless you have been properly educated on the process and safety measures.

How is your soap different from store bought soap? How long does your soap last? Does your soap have lather?

  • Most store bought soaps are made with synthetic chemicals, fragrance oils and often petroleum based ingredients. Our soaps are made using natural and organic ingredients, botanicals and essential oils. Our soaps bring many benefits with them because of the quality ingredients, which will benefit you in the long run, rather than adding to the chemicals you are bombarded with on a daily basis. Our soap will last as long as any typical store bought soap and often lasts longer. Our soap contains coconut oil which helps it to have many bubbles and a great lather, which in turn enhances its cleaning abilities.

Why do you use more costly organic ingredients?

  • We choose organic ingredients whenever possible because they contain the least amount of pesticides and other harmful compounds. There have been many studies that link cancer and other diseases to pesticides in our food and water. We also want to encourage and support our local organic farmers in their quest to heal the planet and bring wholesome foods and products to the people.

Do you really make everything by hand?

  • Yes we do! At this time most of our batches are small even compared to other craft companies! We are tiny compared to the industry standard! It offers us the ability to continuously improve our products and to measure the quality of each batch we make.

Are all of your products safe to use during pregnancy?

  • Simply put, no! While we agree that every mom-to-be needs relaxation, a less stressful environment, and pampering, there are several essential oils that you should limit your exposure to during various stages of pregnancy. PLEASE consult your physician, midwife, herbalist or professional for information on essential oils and pregnancy.

What kind of shipping do you use?

  • We use USPS shipping. We ship everywhere in the United States! We make every effort to process your order in a timely fashion, however please contact us if you need an expedited order.